Welcome to Power Kids Pre School

The first 2000 days (0-6 years) of the child life are critical to brain development. At this stage the brain pathways that receive, store, connect and transmit information are developing rapidly and with the right simulation.

Why Power Kids?

How a child's mind is stimulated in the first 2000 days will determine his/her future ability to learn new skills and retain information. It is scientifically proven fact that if at this stage the brain synapses are not connected and stimulated then the brain begins a natural process of connecting the brain cells.

What we do?

Our brain based methodology optimizes the growth spurt of your child's brain in the first 2000 days. At Power kids-Early Childhood Centre we believe in brain based growth environment and implement the principles of brain research.

How we do it?

Power kids provides meaningful, hands‐on learning experience to children, through activities that engages both hemispheres of the brain (left and right brain ) and promote learning in the areas of language, mathematics, science, art, music and the environment.