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 What Franchisee should have in terms of space, money etc?

Space Required

1000 – 1500 square feet ( Owned space or rentals )

Total Project Cost

10 Lakh rupees


5 Lacs

Brand Fee

2.0 Lakh Rupees



Brand Up gradation Fee

Rs 50,000 per year applicable from the third year.

Additional revenue earning
programs to run,
given free with franchise
but with royalty

  1. Power club-evening classes or Saturday classes.
  2. Summer Camp
  3. Winter Camp
  4. Merchandise for sale
  5. Other tie ups for activity classes
  6. Dance and yoga classes
  7. Day care

Term of Franchisee

20 years

Return of Investment

2 years

Centre Head

One required will help if admission counselor is separate

Assistant teachers

Atleast 2 float teachers


1 teacher per 12 children


1 per 20 children

Batch Timing

At least 2 hours for playschool and nursery and at least 3 hours for Junior and Senior KG


Minimum 1200 per month

Age Group

1.5 yrs – 2.5 yrs Power kids play School
2.5 yrs – 3.5 yrs Power kids Nursery
3.5yrs – 4.5 yrs Power kids Junior
4.5 yrs – 5.5 yrs Power kids Senior

 What Power kids give him over the years?


‘Power kids ‘ today stands for quality education, innovative methodology and technology driven

‘Every Prospective Franchisee wants a few Key answers before he/she can become a part of the ‘Power kids’ family. Here are the many valid reasons why becoming a Power Kids Franchisee makes sound sense.

  1. An innovative, technology driven an unmatched focus on quality education.
  2. A ‘brand’ name that offers excellent equity with Target Audience.
  3. Unique ‘Add-On’ revenue models ensures maximization of premises utilization, enhance ROI.
  4. Unique Advice to help choose/regularize suppliers/ materials to ensure business growth in a structured manner.
  5. Hand-holding by Franchisee Supervisors who play the role of ‘MENTOR’ and are the contact point for day-to-day queries/support.
  6. Regular e-mail contact/support/encouragement/new ideas from Academic/marketing Departments of Franchisee Cell.
  7. No-cost promotion / publicity material to launch Power Kids Centre. Sure hit/low-cost promotion ideas at no obligation.
  8. Local advertising support that gets results.
  9. Regular academic meets / updates/ audits to ensure best practices / high standards.
  10. Progress reports to analyze feedback, spur shortcomings / weaknesses.
  11. Easy simple reporting formats to help/ensure every Power Kids Centre maximizes potential.
  12. Continual ‘event’ support for all celebrations.
  13. Unique ‘parental involvement ideas/techniques to help establish ‘Centre’ through local ‘buzz.’
  14. Model based on international standard.
  15. Excellent curriculum, designed in consonance with global best practices for all age groups.
  16. Excellent staff training.
  17. Uniquely designed easy-to-handle, ‘Training Material’.
  18. Training supported by actual video models of classroom and other activity areas.
  19. Unique Admission Kit designed to facilitate education process involving child, parent and the individual ‘Centre’.
  20. Regular additional ‘revenue generating’ ideas ideated for ‘Centers’ including merchandising, camps, clubs, extension courses etc.

 What he should put in over the years?

Every Franchisee plays a key role building a bigger business…

How do you succeed making your Power Kids Centre the most sought after pre-primary school in your area?

Here are a few helpful hints:

  1. Must visit the ‘Center’ every day and stay in touch with key staff members.
  2. Must hire quality ‘Staffers to make the Center a qualified success.
  3. Publicity and Promotion is the key to the success and establishment of your business. Unique ideas and material will be supplied.
  4. You cannot ‘save’ on promotion.
  5. Essential to plough back at least 20% of annual profits into the business to retain dynamism and leadership position.
  6. Must be in sync & committed to ‘brand’ philosophy / architecture / practices.
  7. Be ready to expand / grow with a dynamic thrust / commitment.
  8. Be alert / proactive / aware of competitor mindset/plans/promotions.

 For more information on becoming a franchisee of Power Kids

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