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We aim to empower parents and so we have some path breaking books on parenting and children’s story and activity books.

So for all those parents who want to give their children much more than just workbook knowledge come to Power Kids- the childhood brain experts that nurture children to become happy, healthy and successful in life.


  • Before the beginning of the year there is an orientation for parents, they are given a workshop on the developmental milestones that their children would be achieving and how the school, teachers and activities will help him achieve those milestones.
  • Regularly throughout the year there will be parental workshops conducted on various topics by experts.
  • Parents will be invited for many celebrations and events wherein they can join in the activities with their children. A regular feature every month is the ‘SING WITH MUMMY’, where the parents come in with the child and the teacher arranges a one hour singing session, so that the parents can participate with their children, and learn to sing their child’s favorite songs,’ just like the teacher’.
  • For parents we have unique way of giving prizes- the parent gets a chance to be part of his child’s class for an activity or for an entire day.(in kids events, every kid wins, as we believe that the only race the child should be in is the human race.)
  • At the end of the year on the graduation day, the parents who have participated the most and attended the workshops get a certificate.